State offers help via workforce training grants

Monday, November 27, 2017

Small business owners often have a difficult time staying ahead of trends and keeping staff trained. Money for training can be difficult to come by, especially in slower months when training would be ideal.

The state, though, offers funding to businesses to help with that. The Workforce Development Training Fund helps employers provide training through three different types of grants that address workforce training needs: Business Training Grants, Pre-Hiring Economic Development Grants and Pre-Obligation Grants.

 The grants, of course, come with stipulations, but they’ve come in handy for local businesses.

PURENERGY Fitness owner Caryn Moxey said she has used the funding on and off for five years to send her staff to conferences and classes out of state. Recently, she used it to bring a trainer to Sheridan.

Moxey has been a part of the TRX company based in San Francisco for about 10 years, but said she and her staff needed a refresher on the portable physical training tool that uses gravity and body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. She used a grant from the Workforce Development Training Fund to bring a trainer to Sheridan. Moxey said the grant covered about half of the cost of the training.

PURENERGY had 11 employees participate in the on-site training in Sheridan. 

“The fitness industry is ever changing,” Moxey said. “To keep up with certifications you have to attend trainings usually about every two years.”

She added that sending employees to training, or most recently bringing the trainer to Sheridan, allows for hands-on experience.

“So many of the trainers are members that I’ve hired that love the business,” Moxey said. “But they maybe haven’t been to other gyms in the state or even out of state. This gives them a chance to see what is possible in the industry, what they are capable of for career advancement. 

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