Program upgrades benefit clients, customers

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Manufacturers and producers in Wyoming will have new opportunities to expand their customer base thanks to developments with two Wyoming Business Council programs designed to brand and market locally grown and made products.

The Wyoming Business Council unveiled this week the Grown in Wyoming program, which promotes all types of agriculture, food and fiber raised and produced in the state. The program seeks to connect farmers and ranchers with wholesale and retail consumers.

Members will have full use of the program’s logo and promotional material, in addition to an online marketing tool, targeted toward consumers, that maps the location of local growers and the outlets selling those products.

Grown in Wyoming is still in the early stages. Business Council officials are currently identifying interested producers at events like farmers markets. Restaurants and retailers will be approached in later phases.

“People want to know where their food is coming from. Ag is a valuable part of Wyoming’s economy, and it’s an industry that can be responsive to national trends like sustainability sourced and ethically grown food.” said Briana Tanaka, agriculture and international trade coordinator for the Business Council. “With the education and awareness raised by this program, we expect to generate more demand for Wyoming-grown products.”

Grown in Wyoming is based in part on the successful, decades-old Made in Wyoming program, which is also being revamped this summer.

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