1% Optional Sales Tax Board            
49'ers Dance Club Louis Madsen 307-684-2917        
AlAnon / AlAteen Cleo O. 307-278-0012       Jubilee Hall @ St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Alcoholics Anonymous   307-672-6257     Call 24 hr hotline or click on link
All Soul's Episcopal Mission Carol Buckingham 307-738-2362        
American Heritage Girls Laura Aspinall 307-620-1479       Like the Girl Scouts - Girls character development
American Legion            
American Legion Auxiliary            
American Volkssport Assoc, Inc.  Frank Pratt 307-684-9160     Personal Fitness sports & recreation program - non-competitive walks, hikes, bike rides, swims & cross County Skiing
Annette Tiller            
Archery Club            
Arts Along the Bighorns/Cowboy Carousel Center Annette Tiller 307-620-1691   Preserve the Historic Butler Building 
Arvada Women's Club Dolly Arndt 307-217-2491        
Barnum's Women's Club Joni harlan 307- 738-2445        
Bennett Street Films Greg Haas 307-684-7398   Opportunities to view and discuss multi-cultural and educational films & videos
Better Breathers Support Group No respiratory therapists on staff that is no longer doing it          
BHS Close-up Lindsay Duncan 307-684-2269       Raises $ for a trip to Washington DC
Big Horn Baptist Donnie Paulson 307-620-1197 (Arlene) Nancy Hare 307-684-5487
Big Horn Basque Club John Camino 307-684-2607      
Boys & Girls Club of the Big Horns, Inc.  Meg Norman 307-684-9908   Enable young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens
Bozeman Trail Association            
Buffalo Board of Realtors            
Buffalo Boy Scouts of America Greater Wyoming Council 307-234-7329       Supports local Boy Scout organizations
Buffalo Chamber of Commerce   307-684-5544     Meet community and area needs
Buffalo Children's Center, Inc.  Tina Rosalez 307-684-5802     Provides quality child care adn school readiness programs @ affordable cost to all families
Buffalo Community Concert Associations Becky Yarlott 307-684-2958        
Buffalo Downtown Assoc.  Sharon Nadeau 307-620-5308     Help create strong, vibrant & beautiful downtown Buffalo
Buffalo Girl Scouts of America Becky Ramirez 307-217-3395       Girl Scout Council - 1-800-736-5243
Buffalo Golf Club Jeff Rafferty 307-684-5266       Volunteering is hit or miss - Need volunteers for Charities
Buffalo High School Music Presents Lana Wing 307-684-2425       Raises $ for music students
Buffalo Horseshoe Club            
Buffalo Kiwanis Bob McBride 307-421-5992 Steve Reimann 307-684-2201    
Buffalo Music Study Club Donna Strickland 307-684-5640     Promote Live Music
Buffalo Quilting Gals Sharon Shane 307-684-7173      
Buffalo Rotary Jackie Camino 307-684-9617 Doug O'Neil 307-797-0366    
Buffalo Senior Center Aj Mock 307-684-9551 Ajmock@buffalosenoricenter.comw   Assists Seniors and disabled individuals to remain independent in their homes
Buffalo Senior Center            
Buffalo Skating Assoc.            
Buffalo Square Dance lcub Louis Madsen 307-684-2917        
Buffalo Swim Club Ron Chaplin ?         Support and promote competitive swimming at all levels
Buffalo Youth Baseball/Softball Kelly Bender     All run by volunteers
Buffalo Youth Soccer            
Calvary Chapel Anthony Geraci (Sarah) 307-684-8725      
CASA Jackie Benton 307-675-2272      
Child Development Center Marsha Riley 307-684-9271   Provides early developmental screenings for every child along with early intervention & specialized educational services..
Christian Women's Club            
Church of Christ            
Church of Jesus Christ of LDS            
Clear Creek Homemakers            
Clear Creek Walking Trail Bill Cooley 307-684-5603 Louis Peterson 307-684-9160   They hire temp summer help but always could use volunteers
Cloud Peak Back Country Horseman Steve Russel 307-752-2214        
Community Resource Center - JC Bill Hawley 307-684-7933 Julia Bettinger   Grant writing services, Tobacco prevention, community action partnership, start up fund for juvenile & adult drug courts
Compass - Center for Families Susan Carr 307-675-2272     Advocate for and support safe, nurturing & permanent homes
Creekside Performing Arts Bonnie Klasinski 307-684-7320   307-217-1979 Enrich, educate and entertain the community
D.A.R.E Adrian Keeler 307-684-5581     School accepted program to teach children to advocate & teach drug resistancy
Diabetic Support Group No longer available in Buffalo          
Discover Historic Buffalo Jennifer McCormick 307-684-5544     Individuals and Businesses promoting Buffalo as a great place to live and visit
Drug Awareness & Resistance Ed.            
Ducks Unlimited Dave Simmonson 307-620-1260        
Eagles Auxiliary            
Eagles Bison Aerie No. 3030            
Elk Foundation Jill Wright Jill Wright        
Empower Wyoming Francine Russell 307-620-1511   Strives to end violence thru personal safety training 
Family Crisis Center   307-684-2233     Anger Management, abuse, sexual abuse, family violence
Family Services Kat?  307-684-5513     Providing safety, well being and self sufficiency
Fire Department            
First Southern Baptist Chapel of Kaycee Dave Largent 07-738=2311        
First United Methodist Church KeyongSu Jung 303-548-6535 (Carla) 307-684-5845  
Fort Phil Kearny Assoc.            
Friends in Council            
Friends of Library            
Gatchell Museum Assoc.   307-684-5105   Raise funds  for the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum
Grace Fellowship Paul Gilber 307-621-0194    
Grace Mission Baptist Church Pastor Danny Davis 307-738-2366        
Gray Haired Legislators            
Guardians of the Range Kathleen Jachowski 307-587-3723   Promote sound science and community partnerships in public land grazing management
Habitat for Humanity of JC Bill Terell 307-684-2255   Eliminate Poverty housing and make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action
Hole-In-The-Wall Club Joni Harlan      
Hoofprints of the Past Museum Laurel Foster 307-738-2381     Preserve, protect & share Kaycee and southern Jc history w/ public
Jarrard Park Foundation Mike Wolcott 307-738-2425       Providing a community center, hosting evens and serving kaycee
JC Archeology Society            
JC Arts & Humanities Council Vikki Chenette 307-620-9055   Planning, participating in and presenting arts & humanities community porgrams
JC Arts & Humanities Council            
JC Cancer Suppor Kathy Reimann 307-684-7560        
JC Child Care Assoc.            
JC Child Support Mike Williams 307-684-9011        
JC Emergency Management Marilyn Connolly 307-684-2761      
JC Family YMCA Mike Quast 307-684-9558   Nurture the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility
JC Historical Society Don Twing 307-684-5956      
JC Homemakers Council            
JC Library Foundation Cynthia Twing 307-684-0260   Support the JC LIbrary by providing funds for physical improvements special equipment and materials not covered in annual budget
JC Non-profit Council Kristin de Galard 307-620-5194     Hosted bi-monthly on a rotating basis
JC Public Health Nurse Robin King 307-684-2564        
JC Recreation Disctrict Jack Tarter        
JC Rural Health Care Dave Harness 307-684-2251    
JC Tobacco Use Prevention No longer in Buffalo - Contact Wyoming Dept of Health          
JC Tourism Assoc.            
JC YMCA            
JC YMCA Foundation Steven Adami 307-684-5557   Ensures the Y can continue to strengthen JC for generations to come
Jim Gatchell Museum Assoc.            
John & Amie Auxiliary Vickie Pratt 307-684-9160     To be a good friend to the JC Healthcare Center & Amie Holt Care Center
John & Amie Auxiliary  Lois Peterson 307-684-9168        
John & Amie Auxiliary Life Line            
Jolly Janes Sue Archibald         Registered w/ state of WYOMING extension program
Kaycee American Legion Joyce Black 307-738-2659       American Veterans service organization
Kaycee Chamber of Commerce Perl Works 307-738-2444     Promote Business and community growth and development
Kaycee Friday Night Rodeo Penny Forbes 307-631-6639       Summer Rodeo events in Kaycee
Kaycee Lions Club Jennifer Reculusa 307-738-2265     Serving Kaycee community since 1968
Kaycee Lions Club Jim Ullery 307-738-2303        
Kaycee United Methodist Church            
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witness            
Kiwanis Club of Buffalo Steve Reimann     Dedicated to serving the children of the world
Klondike Piney Grange            
Knights of Columbus Jason Sutton 307-217-0468        
Lions club Keith Nuestal          
Lions club Adam Teten 307-684-2105        
Lutheran Christian Women Lois Madsen 307-684-2917        
Model A & Pioneer Car Club of JC & SC Carl Madsen 307-620-5160     Car Shows, Tours, Events relating to antique vehicles
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Anna Merritt 307-217-0911   Publicity  
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Jodi Metzer 307-620-0417   Coordinator  
Mountain Plains Heritage Society            
Museum of the Occidental Hotel David Stewart 307-684-0451 Http://   Preserve Western Culture for future generations
Music Study Club            
Narcotics Anonymous  Union Congregational Church       Meetings Saturdays @ 5pm  
National Wild Turkey Federation            
New Life Assembly of God Ted Ridenour 660--373-1212   307-684-5755  
North Wyoming Mental Health County Manager - position not filled right now  307-684-5531        
Occidental Hotel Museum            
Odd Fellows            
Overeaters Anonymous            
Parent Information Center TERRY DAWSON 307-684-2277 TDAWSON@WPIC.ORG WWW.WPIC.ORG   Provide information, training and support to families of children with disabilities
Perry Mem. Independ. Baptist Church            
Pheasants Forever Matt Parker 307-674-7515        
Polyester Blends Greg Smith 307-620-5883        
Powder River Grange            
Powder River Snowbuffs            
Powder River Valley Chapel            
Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming Bill Hawley Bill Hawley   Alcohol, Tobacco, other drugs, suicide and chronic disease prevention
Price of Peace Lutheran Church            
Reach to Recover - American Cancer Society Kathy Reimann 307-684-7560 Kim Nelson 307-680-4247  
Red Cross - Grey Ladies            
Red Hat Society            
Rodeo Club            
Search & Rescue Jim Shirey 307-620-5349        
Search & Rescue Don Pownell 307-217-2266        
Seventh Day Adventist Church   307-684-9062        
Shell-Piney Creek Homemakers Elizabeth Eckert 307-683-2915        
Sheridan - Johnson Youth Home            
Sheridan Collage of JC Derek Andrews 307-684-2001   Serving Campbell, Sheridan & Johnson counties for Worthern Wyoming Community College District
Sheridan LGBTQ Support Group   307-778-7645 ext 705   Meetings 1st & 3rd Sundays @ 5pm
St. Francis Animal Shelter Vanessa Woodlin 307-684-1738   Provide quality care to dogs & cats that have been abandoned, surrendered or lost
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Pete Johnson 307-684-7268 MaryAnn Cummins Doug Gralie - 307-684-5692 -
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Foundation Steve Reimann 307-684-7268     Solicit, collect and otherwise raise $ for religous, educational & charitable purposes
St. John's Council of Catholic Women Lori Zink 307-620-5113      
St. Luike's Guild            
St. Luke's Episcopal Doug Wasinger 307-620-0061   307-684-7529
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Louise Anderson 307-684-5640        
St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church            
St. Luke's Lutheran Alena Lamirato 207-217-2050 307-684-7872  
Steel Drum Band David Romtvedt 307-217-0028        
Story Community Church John Constintine 307-217-0393 307- 683-3018    
Summit Wesleyan Church William Dunlap  307-620-5950 Rachel Hostetler 307-751-9068 William / Rachel @summitwyorg 307-684-9548 -
Susie Bowling Hospice Jodi Verplanke 307-684-6152 307-684-6137      
Susie Bowling Lawrence Hospice Shanda Rodriguez 307-684-6137        
The Child Development Center Region II            
The Mini Publications Center Vanessa Vogel 307-684-2255 307-217-4088 Free community paper and online news journal 
Theater Guild            
Toastmasters - Smooth Talkers            
Tony Kirkpatrick Foundation            
TOPS Wyoming #270 Lois Madsen 307=684-2917 Bonnie Schlesselman 307-684-4555   Tools and programs with exceptional group fellowship for healthy living and weight management
Town & Country Garden Club Judy Myrstol 307-684-5779       Promote interest and knowledge in home gardening, protection of native birds and plants, encourage civic planting & beautification
Town and Country Garden Club            
Trap & Skeet Club            
Union Congregational Church Bob Miller 307-684-2958    
USA Wrestling            
Veterans Council            
VFW Auxiliary            
VFW Post No. 2469            
Victim Witness Program Tonjua French 307-684-5528     All victims of crime to be treated with fairness and compassion
Women's Health Forum Julia Bettinger 307-684-6320        
Women's Support Group Dawn 307-684-2233       Located at Family Crisis Center - Offer individualized peer counseling
Worlds of Music, Inc.  David Romtvedt 307-684-2194     Promote community development thru awareness of & participation in projects in the arts & humanities
Wyoming Education Assoc. of JC Annie Gripp 307-684-5359   Promote the cause of public education and improve the quality of teaching and learning
Wyoming Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming Haley Drake 307-684-7933        
  Sherry Keffer 307-217-3009