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Welcome to Outlaw County! Kaycee is where you will find yourself surrounded by the history of the Old West, pioneer ranches, settler's homesteads, outlaw hideouts and rustler's ranges.

Area Assets

The Buffalo and Johnson County community has a number of attractive assets for new business and industry, including:

  • Strong investment in infrastructure, including water and sewage treatment.  Considerable excess sewage treatment capacity exists.
  • Abundant and relatively inexpensive electric power.
  • Broadband telecommunications capacity.
  • Location on the intersection of a major east-west Interstate Highway (I-90) and north-south Interstate Highway (I-25), and U.S. Highway 16 that provides access through the Big Horn Mountains to the west.
  • One of the higher unemployment rates in the State, indicating an availability of workers.
  • Sheridan College in Johnson County community college with an extension campus in downtown Buffalo.
  • An attractive quality of place with numerous recreational and lifestyle amenities.  Downtown Buffalo is a particularly attractive asset for a community of this size.
  • A business friendly tax and regulatory environment.
  • Good hotel accommodations and restaurants.
  • A professional economic development organization (JOCO First).