Buffalo wetlands get inventoried

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Phil Gonzales stood on a dirt path as his eyes scanned the landscape for birds and other wildlife.

He and a team of over 20 volunteers were taking inventory of Buffalo’s wetlands located along the Clear Creek Trail south of the Buffalo Senior Center.

What they found was the wetlands are healthy – despite some limitations.

The wetlands were designed and completed in 1997 to replace wetlands affected when Tie Hack Reservoir was constructed, according to Gonzales.

“These are mitigation ponds for the Tie Hack Reservoir,” Gonzales said. “When you have an impact on wetlands with a project, you are required by law to replace or avoid them. These are manmade and man-hydrated to keep functioning.”

Gonzales and his team watched as a fawn bounced across the road and back into the tall grasses.

The group was noting any life they found and gathering information on all the animal and plant life, as well as taking water and soil samples to check the pH levels.

Gonzales formed this team of expert volunteers from a laundry list of fields –  vegetation, wildlife, birds, hydrology and soils, to name a few.

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