The best boss: Local leaders define what the role means

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

SHERIDAN — What does it take to turn a boss into a leader? Local leadership trainers describe the difference between a boss and a leader as someone who moves beyond enforcing policies to focusing on the people they have been promoted or hired to lead.

Scott Lee is a Sheridan-based speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. In his professional life, Lee has experienced bosses that simply focused on production, policies and processes over people.

“There seemed to be little concern about me personally,” Lee said about a former boss. “No matter how I felt about my day and the accomplishments within it, it was never enough to please those over me. I left every day feeling like I had failed.”

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce CEO Dixie Johnson agrees that a focus on teamwork and people matter. She leads a team of coworkers at the Chamber office and helps organize Leadership Sheridan County for professionals in the community each year.

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