Sheriff retires after 36 years in law enforcement

Thursday, June 21, 2018

After 46 years in law enforcement, Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kozisek is turning in his badge.

Kozisek will not to seek re-election.

Kozisek’s career began in Newcastle more than four decades ago. Kozisek and his wife, Elaine, were living in Denver at the time. During a visit to his childhood home in Newcastle, Kozisek was asked by the Newcastle police chief what his plans were.

“I told them I was getting out of the military and that I thought we were going to come back up here to Newcastle,” Kozisek said. “They said, you know, we have a job opening if you’re interested. I said I would think about it.”

After talking with his wife, Kozisek took the job.

“I was there, probably about two days, and I realized this isn’t a job. This is more of a calling,” Kozisek said. “I found a career.”

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