Increased patient numbers boost budget forecast

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The $1.3 million net loss predicted in the Johnson County Healthcare Center’s latest budget forecast isn’t exactly good news.

But considering that CEO Nicole Hobbs predicted last November that the health care center would have a $2.4 million net loss by the end of fiscal 2018, the latest forecast brings a certain amount of optimism to the center’s board.

“For the past three months (December, January and February), we have made a profit each month,” Hobbs said at the hospital board meeting on March 28. “We certainly hope to see that continue, but it will be dependent on whether we can keep patient volume up.”

Over the past three months, the center has brought in roughly $570,000, according to Hobbs.

Hobbs said the center’s recent months of profits were due largely to an influx of patients – especially in the hospital.

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